Woman Sues After Construction Site Injury

June 10, 2014

Woman sues after construction site injury

A Pennsylvania woman has filed suit after having injured herself in while walking along a section of sidewalk that had been torn up by construction workers. The woman, who is blind, says that she injured her back, knee, wrist and shoulder in the incident and that construction workers failed to block the area in question. She is suing the company that owns the building, the general contractor and a sub-contractor on the basis of premises liability.

In the personal injury complaint the plaintiff alleges that she was walking along Bustleton Avenue in Philadelphia with a cane when she tripped on the sidewalk. She states that the crews on the scene should have erected some manner of fence or obstacle that would have prevented pedestrians from entering the work site. The accident occurred on June 2, 2012. The plaintiff says that she incurred various medical expenses as a result of the incident and that these should be reimbursed by those responsible. She is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises free from dangerous conditions. If the construction workers failed to adequately provide for the safety of other pedestrians in the area, their employer and the company that hired them could potentially be held liable for any injuries someone suffers as a consequence, including those incurred by the plaintiff in this case.

Someone who has been injured in an incident such as this may wish to have the circumstances reviewed by an attorney. If inadequate safety precautions were taken, an attorney may pursue a personal injury claim and work to secure compensation on the plaintiff’s behalf.