Pennsylvania Amusement Park Facing Lawsuit After Accident

June 19, 2014

Pennsylvania amusement park facing lawsuit after accident

Pittsburgh residents may be interested in a story about an accident that occurred at a Pennsylvania amusement park. Injuries sustained there have led one New Jersey woman to file a lawsuit against the park.

In 2012, a New Jersey woman went to Sesame Place in Langhorne with her husband and 18-month-old son. While playing with her son in the Splash Castle area, the woman went on one of the park’s slides with him. The pair landed on a mattress that had been installed at the bottom. The woman then lost her balance and fell as she stood up. Her knee struck a piece of metal fastening, reportedly leaving a 10 centimeter-long gash on her leg.

The woman and her husband have now filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, claiming that she now suffers from pain, loss of self-worth and an inability to fulfill her personal and professional duties as she once did. The couple claims that the park was negligent in not adding insulation around the metal fastener that cut her knee. According to the complaint, the woman required surgery and now has permanent scars and inhibited movement. The couple is seeking compensation in the amount of at least $150,000.

A property owner in situations like this has the duty to safeguard any dangerous conditions that the public may face. Failure to do so could result in serious injury to customers and others who are on the premises. An attorney who has experience in premises liability cases may be able to help bring a lawsuit against the responsible party in civil court.