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Child Injury Lawyers Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsylvania Child Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys Represent Clients in Allegheny County and Throughout Western PA

The injury or death of a child is every parent’s nightmare. When the injury or death was the result of another party’s negligence, people need answers. They want to know why the accident occurred. They hope that the responsible party will be held accountable and punished. They may worry about the ongoing costs of taking care of their injured child. They may wonder where they can turn for answers.

At the Western PA law firm of Goodrich & Geist, P.C., our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers have helped parents whose child was injured or killed because of the negligence of someone else. Although we hope we never have to handle another child injury or wrongful death case, we are ready if your child is injured or tragically killed. Clients appreciate our empathetic approach to practicing law in this sensitive area. They also appreciate our thoroughness as we investigate the injury to their child. Contact us now to discuss your options.

Cases of Child Injury and Death Handled by Our Lawyers in Erie, Pennsylvania

Children are often fearless, and they delight in trying new things. This positive characteristic can become a problem if a child encounters a dangerous situation created by another person’s negligence. The result of such an encounter can be serious injury or wrongful death because of:

Children suffer broken bones, head and traumatic brain injuries, poisoning, drowning and other pool injuries, burns, and birth injuries. Such injuries may require long-term care and can produce lifelong trauma. Treating the physical and emotional injuries of injured children takes time and money. By filing an injury claim, parents may be able to obtain the resources they need to care for their injured child.

Contact a Greensburg Attorney After a Child Injury or Wrongful Death in Western Pennsylvania

If your child was injured or killed because of the negligent actions of another in the Pittsburgh region, contact our sympathetic Western Pennsylvania attorneys. Learn how we can help you obtain justice for your child. Call today or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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