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Rideshare services like Uber have left an indelible mark on how people use transportation in Pennsylvania and the United States at large. Unfortunately, the nature of ridesharing services is such that those who are injured in accidents involving the negligence or wrongful misconduct of their driver may not necessarily have a claim against the company (as Uber is not considered an employer of the driver). As such, Uber accident injury victims must jump through additional hoops to secure maximum compensation for their losses. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or wrongful misconduct of another while riding in an Uber (or as a third party) in Pittsburgh, PA, the dedicated Pittsburgh Uber accident lawyers at Goodrich & Geist, P.C. are here to help.

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Recovering Damages for Uber Driver and Company Negligence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When you’ve suffered an injury due to an Uber accident in Pennsylvania, you have a number of possible options for securing damages. If the driver was negligent, reckless, or acted intentionally or maliciously in causing your injuries, then you can potentially sue the driver directly and thereby obtain damages as compensation. For example, if the driver was operating their vehicle while intoxicated and subsequently collided with another vehicle, causing you injuries, then you would be entitled to bring an action against the Uber driver for damages.

Uber may also be held liable under certain circumstances. Although Uber is not technically considered an employer of their drivers (and, as a result, cannot be held vicariously liable for the negligent acts of their drivers), they are still responsible for performing background checks on drivers and for inspecting the vehicles to ensure that they are reasonably safe.

For example, suppose that you are attacked by an Uber driver while you are being transported as a passenger. Further investigation reveals that the driver has a long history of violent offenses and drug abuse. Given the circumstances, you could argue that Uber was negligent in allowing the driver to use the platform and exposing you to an unreasonably high risk of injury.

Uber Insurance Coverage May Apply in Pennsylvania Car Accident Claims

Uber currently provides $1 million in liability insurance coverage for both drivers and passengers, despite the fact that the company explicitly distances themselves from liability for any accidents (and subsequent losses). If you have been injured by an Uber driver in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Butler, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, then you may be entitled to coverage for up to $1 million in damages.

Coverage is not guaranteed, however. Uber’s substantial $1 million liability insurance policy will only apply in situations where the driver is actively logged onto the app and transporting a passenger. If the driver is logged onto the app but is not transporting a passenger, then Uber has a separate liability insurance policy ($100,000 in total) that may apply.

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Pittsburgh Uber Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered injuries in a Pittsburgh car accident involving an Uber vehicle — whether as a passenger in the Uber itself, or as a third-party injury victim — then you may be entitled to compensation pursuant to the applicable insurance coverage and/or Pennsylvania law. Litigating an Uber accident claim can be quite challenging, however, as the dispute can quickly become mired in conflicts over shared company and driver liability, as well as complicated insurance coverage issues. We therefore encourage you to contact a qualified Pennsylvania personal injury attorney for guidance as soon as possible, so that your claims can be investigated and evaluated a timely manner.

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