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Skilled Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyers Steadfastly Fight for Clients Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents in Shopping Malls

When spending a day at the shopping mall results in a slip and fall accident that causes an injury, you can easily end up spending significantly more than during the actual shopping trip. Slip and fall accidents in shopping malls cause injuries to thousands every year, and many of the injuries sustained in these falls could have been prevented through simple maintenance by the shopping mall owner. Slip and fall cases are based on a premises liability legal theory, which essentially means that the owner of a business can be held financially responsible when the business’ patrons are injured because of dangerous conditions on the property. At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., our Pittsburgh shopping mall slip & fall lawyers have a combined 50 years’ worth of experience fighting for clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents in shopping malls and department stores.

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Shopping Malls

Shopping mall owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for their customers, and this includes regular inspection and maintenance to determine whether dangerous conditions exist, a duty to warn of those conditions and to make sure any dangers are eliminated as quickly as possible.

Slip and fall accidents can happen because of any number of conditions in the shopping mall, most of which can easily be prevented when store owners properly maintain their properties for customers. Many slip and fall accidents in shopping malls occur because of:

Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents can create long-term medical complications that you may be dealing with for years. Shopping mall slip and fall accidents can lead to:

Skilled Injury Lawyers at Goodrich & Geist, P.C. Investigate to Protect Your Rights Following a Shopping Mall Slip and Fall Accident

While many slip and fall accidents present a unique set of circumstances that must be evaluated in determining the likelihood of success when pursuing a claim for compensation from a negligent party, in shopping mall slip and fall cases, our lawyers will usually evaluate the following items in negotiating to maximize the available compensation award in your case:

Shopping mall slip and fall accident cases can be complicated by the fact that the area where you fell may have been crowded with other shoppers at the time of the accident—sometimes making it difficult to evaluate the conditions based upon video surveillance alone. Quickly obtaining eyewitness testimony and evidence regarding the scene of the accident can be critical in these cases, as shopping mall owners will often take steps to fix or warn of the danger immediately after an accident occurs.

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Pittsburgh Shopping Mall Slip & Fall Lawyers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping Mall Slip & Falls

FAQ: I was injured when I fell in a shopping mall, but the store owner says that I caused the slip and fall accident because I wasn’t paying attention. Do I have the right to recover compensation for my injuries?

In some cases, you may still have the right to recover compensation even if you weren’t necessarily paying the closest attention to the conditions around you. You are required to act in a reasonably safe manner so as to prevent accidents and injuries, which involves taking notice of open and obvious dangers within the shopping mall. Store owners, however, have a duty to warn of any known dangers, and they also have a duty to inspect the premises to discover those dangers. If you were injured because of uneven walkways, for example, and the store owner failed to warn you of those dangerous conditions—and reasonably should have known of those conditions through regular inspections—you may still have the right to recover compensation. Our slip and fall accident lawyers can provide more specific guidance based on the facts of your case in a free initial consultation.

FAQ: How much compensation can I recover from the shopping mall in a slip and fall accident?

The compensation award that we are able to recover will depend upon a number of factors, including the severity of your injury, anticipated future consequences and the nature of the fall itself. Another factor involves evaluating how obvious the danger was at the time of the accident—for example if you fell on a broken escalator and had no way of knowing the danger existed, you will likely recover more compensation than if you tripped over a large piece of merchandise.



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