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An ordinary motorist has little defense against the size, weight, speed and blind spots of a big rig with a careless driver. And when a truck causes an accident, the injuries to the victim tend to be severe. After being injured in a truck crash, you probably realize that you need an attorney to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. While there are many lawyers who can help with a car accident claim, building a strong truck accident case involves numerous additional complexities.

At Goodrich and Geist, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to help our clients address complicated truck accident claims, and the results to prove it.

Truck Accident Cases Are Not The Same As Car Crash Claims

  • Trucks are often owned by a corporation: Many trucks are owned my multimillion- or multibillion-dollar companies. It can be standard practice for these giant corporations to immediately deny responsibility for an accident. However, they must be held accountable. This requires an aggressive legal team that will not back down from a fight.
  • There are complex trucking industry regulations: Many aspects of the trucking industry are regulated by the government. Our lawyers conduct an in-depth investigation to determine if a truck industry violation caused the accident.
  • There may be multiple liable parties: There may be many avenues to pursue compensation in a truck accident claim depending on the responsible parties involved. We research the liability of the truck driver, truck owner, loading company, truck manufacturers, truck part manufacturers, and all involved insurance companies.
  • Experts are often needed to build your claim: Due to the complexities of truck accidents, numerous experts may be required to establish the cause, liability, and cost of medical care and compensation. Our law firm works with experienced accident scene reconstructionists, life care economists and other specialists to ensure you have a solid claim.
  • Injuries in a truck accident are often much more serious: The more severe the injuries in an accident, the more complex the medical treatment; recovery; and financial calculations for expenses, lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering.

Erie, Pennsylvania, Truck Injury Attorneys

Contact Goodrich and Geist at 412-766-1455 to speak with one of our Pittsburgh truck accident attorneys. We are ready to fight for your rights and hold the responsible party accountable. Our attorneys serve injured clients throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County, Washington County and Erie County.

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