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Goodrich & Geist – Community Involvement

Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyers Who Give Back to Their Local Community

Goodrich & Geist, P.C. is a Pittsburgh personal injury law firm that helps victims of negligence pursue justice and get compensated for their injuries. One of the firm’s guiding principles is to ensure that the injuries suffered by an accident victim do not happen to anyone else in the future.

Goodrich & Geist does more than just provide legal representation. Bill Goodrich and Josh Geist, the founding partners of the firm, are also committed to taking active roles in their local community because they understand the struggles that working-class families in Pittsburgh and surrounding neighborhoods face on a daily basis.

For as long as they have been practicing law, Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Geist have contributed their time, money, and other resources to projects that significantly improve the lives of Pittsburgh residents.

Here are a few of the charitable programs and organizations that Goodrich & Geist actively support:

Brighton Heights Citizens Federation

The Brighton Heights Citizens Federation is non-profit organization founded in 1967. The group’s goal is to help facilitate improvements to Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights section and to foster a greater sense of community among residents. The federation cleans up vacant city lots, maintains public flower gardens, creates affordable green housing, and organizes annual holiday festivities.

Bill Goodrich is a resident of the Brighton Heights neighborhood where he still resides with his family. Mr. Goodrich is on the board of directors for the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation and works closely with the organization.

Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association

The Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association (WPTLA) is the parent group of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association (PaTLA), which serves as the statewide trial lawyers’ organization. Members of the WPTLA strive to be voices for injured victims and to work within the legal community to assist those in need.

Bill Goodrich, Josh Geist, and Bill’s wife are current members of the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. Additionally, all three have previously served as president of the organization. Beth’s work with the association includes starting the Annual President’s Challenge 5K Run/Walk/Wheel, a charity event that benefits the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers. To date, the event has raised more than $400,000 to improve the lives of Pittsburgh residents who are confined to wheelchairs.

End Distracted Driving

End Distracted Driving (EndDD) is a non-profit group that raises awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. A national network of volunteers gives presentations at schools and workplaces so that children and adults know the latest statistics on distracted driving accidents and can take steps to avoid being involved in these types of accidents.

Goodrich & Geist makes a donation to EndDD for every distracted driving accident case that the firm handles and Josh Geist regularly gives presentations to students in Western Pennsylvania about the dangers of distracted driving.

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