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If someone assaulted you in a parking garage or shot and killed a loved one on a college campus, the resulting injuries or death may have been the result of inadequate security. Damaged fencing, lack of cameras, poor lighting, broken locks and other types of negligent maintenance could have created the conditions that allowed someone to hurt you.

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If you suffered injury as the result of poor security, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries and losses. To learn if you are eligible, call the Pittsburgh law firm of Goodrich and Geist for a free consultation. Contact us online to learn about your legal rights and options. In addition to being attorneys, we are ordinary people who are very sympathetic to your situation. We will work hard to help you.

Examples Of Inadequate Security

When you file a lawsuit after being injured because of inadequate security, you are technically filing a premises liability claim. This type of legal action holds the property owner or manager responsible for the negligence that caused the injuries. Negligent security can occur in almost any inside or outside location, including:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Parking lots and ramps
  • Stores and shopping malls
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Sports and concert venues

The definition of inadequate security varies depending on the circumstances. It could mean no security cameras, broken security cameras, or unmonitored security cameras. It may mean a broken fence or lock that allows assailants to enter a once-secure space. It could mean not performing criminal background checks on employees who then prey on the vulnerable in hospitals and schools. The basis for an inadequate security claim could be anything that makes people vulnerable when they assumed they would be safe.

How Our Law Firm Helps

Our lawyers, Bill Goodrich and Josh P. Geist, are Western Pennsylvania attorneys known for their thoroughness and willingness to explore unconventional approaches to complex legal issues. They will dig deep, reviewing evidence carefully in order to secure maximum compensation for clients. Once you become a client, you will see that they are not only fighting for you, but are also fighting to make sure that negligent property owners do not cause more injuries or deaths. .

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If a property owner’s negligence caused your injuries, call us for a free consultation. Telephone 412-766-1455 or contact us online to learn why we are a different kind of law firm. Our Allegheny County attorneys serve injured clients in Western Pennsylvania, including Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County, Washington County and Erie County.

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