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As consumers, we place a lot of trust in the safety of products we buy every day. In a perfect world, every product we use and buy is fit for use, safe and free from defects. But in reality, people all across the country are injured by dangerous products that were poorly designed, improperly manufactured or inadequately labeled. In fact, an average of six products are recalled every day in the United States because they are found to be harmful. Fortunately, legal recourse options are available to victims and their families. For more information, contact the dedicated Pittsburgh defective product attorneys at Goodrich & Geist, P.C. for a free consultation.

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From Dangerous Toys To Defective Drugs—Our Pittsburgh Defective Product Attorneys Have Handled All Types Of Cases

At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., we have been helping individuals recover for injuries sustained from defective products for decades. We’ve successfully represented individuals and families who have been harmed by defective products such as:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about defective product and product liability claims in Pittsburgh, PA, see the Goodrich & Geist, P.C. defective products FAQ page.

Even A “Smoking Gun” Scenario Requires The Need For A Skilled Legal Professional

Some situations involving harmful products may seem straightforward—such as glass particles found inside a processed food container that caused extreme physical harm after ingesting. But this area of law is complex—regardless of the clear-cut nature of the incident.

At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., our dedicated Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers know the law, employ a wide range of proven tactics and work with highly experienced technical experts to help prove your claim.

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If you or a loved one was injured from a product, reach out to us — even if you’re unsure if you have a claim. Our highly trained Pittsburgh defective product attorneys can examine your case and explain potential options under the law. Our attorneys serve injured clients in Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County, Washington County and Erie County.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Defective Products Claims in Allegheny County and Across Western Pennsylvania

Defective products can cause injuries that impact victims both from a physical and financial standpoint.  For most victims, the thought of facing off against a large product manufacturer can be extremely intimidating.

At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., our top-rated Pittsburgh defective product attorneys understand the complexities involved in defective products cases and are here to handle every aspect of your claim.  Below are some answers to some of the most common questions about defective products claims. 

We offer a free case review to give you more detailed explanations and advice, so call or contact our office today to learn more about your legal rights.

What are the differences between manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects in a product?

Product liability claims can be based upon any of these three theories, depending upon how your injury was caused, as follows:

Manufacturing defects. A manufacturing defect can cause harm even if a product is safely designed, because of some defect in the way the product was manufactured or put together.
Design defects. In a design defect case, the product is put together as designed, but the product itself is unreasonably safe in the way it was designed.
Marketing defects. Marketing defects, or failure to warn cases, mean that the product (whether or not dangerous in and of itself) did not contain proper instructions or warnings that could have prevented injuries.

What do I have to show to recover compensation in a defective products case?

In general, to recover compensation for injuries caused by a defective product, your lawyer will need to establish:

-The product was defective or was unreasonably dangerous for its intended use. This can be shown in a number of ways depending upon the circumstances, such as by showing (1) a manufacturing defect, (2) a design defect or (3) the product did not contain sufficient warnings to prevent the harm caused.
-The defect existed when the product left the control of the relevant party, such as the manufacturer.
-The defect was the actual cause of your injury or the harm suffered.

What if the product packaging contained some type of disclaimer? Can the party who created the product be held responsible for the injuries the product caused?

Sometimes. The manufacturer or designer’s liability depends upon a reasonableness standard. For example, if you misused the product, but that misuse should have been foreseen by the party that created the product, they might be responsible for inadequate warnings. In short, disclaimers do not always relieve negligent parties of financial responsibility for the harm caused by defective products.

What if I didn’t follow the directions and used the product incorrectly. Can I recover compensation based on a defect?

In some cases, yes. If the designer should have foreseen an incorrect use of the product, they may be held responsible for failing to take steps to keep consumers safe. However, it is possible that your compensation award will be reduced based upon the way you contributed to your injury. The type and adequacy of the warnings involved (including how prominently warnings were displayed) can be particularly important in these types of cases.

What types of products can give rise to a claim for compensation based on injury caused by defective products?

Any type of product that is defective in some way might cause injury and create a valid claim for compensation based on product defects. Some common examples of defective products cases involve dangers in products such as:

-Children’s toys,
-Children’s car seats,
-SUVs and motor vehicle components,
-Medical devices,
-And more.

What if I have had the product for a while? Can I still recover compensation if it eventually caused an injury?

Yes, you may still be entitled to compensation in some cases. Your right to compensation in cases involving older products will depend partially upon the reasonable useful life of the product. If it was obvious that the product was too old to continue being used safely, your right to compensation may be limited. Our lawyers can provide more detailed information in your free case evaluation.

What if I threw the product away after I was injured?

It is very important to keep the exact product that caused you injuries. It may still be possible to recover compensation even if you threw the product away, but it may be more difficult if the product’s manufacturing process, design or warnings have been modified over time. Of course, many people throw the box, packaging and even instructions away shortly after purchase. A critical part of your claim will be locating the same product and materials. In some cases, our lawyers may be able to obtain the same product you purchased and build an argument to support your claim.

Why is it especially important to get the help of a reputable lawyer in a defective products case?

In most defective products case, the defendant will be a large corporation (or their equally large insurance company). These parties have generally poured a substantial amount of money into developing the product—and will usually spend an equally large sum trying to prove that the product was not defective. Our experienced lawyers are here to put our legal knowledge to work to level the playing field. Further, we can help you handle the complicated issues that tend to arise in this case. We thoroughly investigate every case we take on and retain experts needed to support your claim.

Why are expert witnesses so important in defective products cases?

Defective products cases usually involve some type of technical or scientific argument or theory. Experts can provide critical testimony about why the product was unreasonably dangerous. The expert might have experience with the particular type of product involved or could testify about alternative designs that could have made the product more safe.

Aren’t experts expensive? How can I afford to hire expert witnesses and a lawyer to prove my defective product claim?

Our lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying attorneys’ fees until and unless we recover compensation for you. We also advance the expert witness’ payments and other costs associated with investigating and proving your claim—and you don’t have to pay us back until your case is resolved.

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Defective products cases can be complex and time-consuming.  At Goodrich & Geist, P.C., our experienced Pittsburgh injury lawyers put the full extent of our legal and financial resources to work for every client we take on.  For more information about your specific case, schedule a free consultation with our defective products lawyers today.



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