Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Goodrich & Geist, P.C.’s Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover Damages From Accidents Caused By Hazardous Roads And Construction Zone Hazards

A wide variety of roadway issues and hazards can cause or contribute to a motor vehicle accident, and even safe drivers can be affected by them. From potholes, narrow lanes, and missing or malfunctioning traffic control devices to slippery surfaces, road debris, and construction site hazards, there are many ways a motor vehicle accident can occur. According to the CDC, accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States, and they kill tens of thousands of people and seriously injure millions more every year. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident that was caused by hazardous road conditions or you suffered an accident in a construction zone, contact our Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers for a free consultation.

Goodrich & Geist, P.C. handles personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases in Pennsylvania and we can help you file for and recover whatever compensation the law entitles you to.

Our Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Navigate Accident Claims And Litigation

Most motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver-related issues. Various forms of negligence such as speeding, reckless driving, drowsy driving, distracted driving, and intoxicated driving, as well as unintentional errors, a lack of vehicle servicing, and a lack of training or expertise can all lead to an accident. However, some accidents are caused by poor road design, a lack of road upkeep, road debris, slippery surfaces, unclear markings, and construction zone issues such as trucks or workers entering or leaving the highway.

Beyond the above, accidents caused by hazardous road conditions or construction zone issues can be harder to handle because they often involve complex legal issues such as the concept of government immunity that can complicate your efforts of winning compensation for damages after an accident.

In general, the maintenance and upkeep of public roads fall on the local, municipal, state, or federal government body within whose jurisdiction the road lies. Most public roads are considered to be resources that are owned and must be cared for by a specific branch of government, such as the department of transportation. Since the government is responsible for maintaining these roads, it may be held liable for any injuries or losses that innocent victims suffer because of a failure to do so.

Our Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers can help you determine which of potentially several government entities can be held responsible for failing to maintain or service a specific road. Depending on where and how your accident occurred, a city, county, state, or federal agency may be involved, and we will help you determine the specific agency responsible.

The same applies to construction zone accidents. A private construction firm, a specific team, or a specific worker may cause or contribute to an accident, and you may be able to hold such firms, teams, or individuals at fault for your accident losses and damages. Contact us to get started.

Our Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers Can Help Identify At-Fault Parties

It is important to understand the importance of identifying any relevant at-fault parties responsible for your construction zone or hazardous road accident.

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, and you must file for compensation for accident-related losses and damages with your insurer. In some cases, however, you may be able to sue for damages. Although the government usually has immunity, the Sovereign Immunity Act, which is contained in Pennsylvania’s consolidated statutes, allows the government to be sued for damages caused by governmental negligence, and they include damages and losses caused by road damage and road hazards.

Furthermore, the specific issue that caused your accident must be considered. For example, semi-permanent issues such as potholes are usually handled by state agencies, whereas temporary issues such as road debris, fallen shrubbery, and black ice tend to be handled by city or municipal authorities.

Finally, road repairs and cleanup are often outsourced to private companies, and it could be that damages caused by poor road repairs performed by a private company caused your accident or that a private construction company’s vehicles or equipment were involved in an accident with you. For each case, you would need to identify the right parties and gather relevant evidence to file a claim or lawsuit for damages.

Goodrich & Geist P.C.’s Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers Can Help You With A Wide Range Of Accident Types

Our team can help with accidents caused by the following:

Contact Our Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers For Help Seeking Damages

Pittsburgh Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Contact our team for assistance with accidents caused by hazardous road conditions and construction zone accidents of every type. We understand auto accident and personal injury law and are just a call away.

FAQs About Hazardous Road Conditions And Construction Zone Accidents

What costs can you help me recover?

We can help you recover all of your accident-related losses and damages. These include vehicle repair costs, property damage losses, and medical treatment expenses for injuries sustained in an accident. They also include lost income, lost earning potential, pain and suffering compensation, and funeral or burial expenses in the event of a fatality.

Do I need to gather evidence?

After an accident, you should do what you can to document the scene, but we will investigate as well to obtain the official police report of the accident, dashcam footage or surveillance camera footage if available, eyewitness statements, vehicle tracking data, driver cell phone usage data, and anything else that can help us substantiate your claim.



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