Woman Sues Restaurant Casino Following Slip And Fall Accident

June 27, 2014

Woman sues restaurant, casino following slip-and-fall accident

Residents of Pittsburgh who have been seriously injured because a property or business owner failed to make their establishment safe for visitors may be interested in a case that was recently filed in another major Pennsylvania city. According to news sources, a law firm in Philadelphia has filed a premises liability complaint on behalf of a woman who was injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a restaurant located inside a Bensalem casino on July 2, 2012.

The papers were filed with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. According to the complaint, the plaintiff is seeking damages not to exceed $50,000 from Chickie’s and Pete’s restaurant and Parx Casino. The Williamstown, New Jersey woman claims that both parties were responsible for keeping floors clear of obstructions potentially hazardous to pedestrians.

On the day that the incident occurred, the woman entered the premises, slipped on an obstruction and fell to the ground, according to the complaint. She has allegedly incurred ongoing medical expenses for severe injuries suffered as a result of the fall, which include injuries to her back, muscles and discs as well as aggravation of injuries that preceded this incident.

Anxiety and post-traumatic syndrome are also listed as results of the accident. In addition, the complaint alleges that these injuries have curtailed the woman’s physical ability in performing her occupational duties, which is negatively impacting her earning power in the workplace and preventing her from enjoying the customary pleasures of everyday life.

In cases of this nature, property and business owners may attempt to shift blame for the accident onto the victim. Therefore, Pittsburgh residents who are injured due to the negligence of commercial entities may find it beneficial to contact a lawyer for help in proving the liability of all responsible parties and obtaining the financial award to which they might be entitled.