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What is Overtime Pay, and How Do I Calculate it?

Hour and Wage Violations in Pennsylvania Has your boss ever asked you to put in a few extra hours in a workweek? If so, then are you sure you were compensated fairly? Overtime pay is regulated by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, so it’s important to know whether you are covered under this overtime law or not. Are you…
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Pennsylvania Wage And Hour Lawyers For Natural Oil Gas Workers

We have recently received many inquiries about wage and hour laws from people who working in the natural oil and gas industry. People are often complaining about not being paid what they are owed. This is unfair and illegal. If you have questions about wage and hour laws in Pennsylvania, call Goodrich

Wage And Hour Salary Cap For Overtime Could Be More Than Doubled

A huge federal discrepancy over paychecks and overtime in the United States means that many people who work and have worked overtime in the past will be getting much bigger checks in the near future. This is wage and hour issue is expected to be dealt with throughout the summer and into this fall. A new U.S. Labor Department law…
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Wage And Hour Suits Against Wal Mart

Wage and hour suits against Wal-Mart Wage and hour lawsuits spread far beyond the oil fields. Wal-Mart, the country’s largest employer of private employees (non-federal), was recently crushed with a $188 million order by the PA Supreme Court this week because it failed to give its workers the proper amount of time for meals and breaks. In the class action…
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Wage And Hour Paid Time

Wage and hour paid time Throughout the world, there are people who do not get paid for the work they do. Fortunately for us, we live in the United States and shouldn’t have to worry about wage and hour laws. Or so we would think. The truth is that many people in this country are not paid what they are…
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Wage And Hour Employee Misclassification

Wage and hour employee misclassification Recently, we have been posting blogs on the subject of wage and hour laws. There are tens of thousands of workers in the United States today who aren’t being paid what they are due for their time and hard work. It happens across the board, but it is most prevalent in the gas and oil…
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Pittsburgh Wage And Hour Independent Contractor Attorneys

Pittsburgh wage and hour independent contractor attorneys Wage and hour class action and individual lawsuits have been popping up all over the country of late. This is especially true in the oil and gas industry, where people who work as pumpers, drivers, and oilfield engineers are being grossly underpaid by their employers. There are several types of ways employers classify…
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Pittsburgh Wage And Hour Day Rate Attorneys

Pittsburgh wage and hour “day rate” attorneys Employers from around the country in all types of lines of work are being subjected to salary and hourly work class action claims for unpaid and underpaid employees’ wages. The oil and gas industry may be the worst, leading all other industries is unpaid wages. It’s truly an epidemic in states where fracking…
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