Woman Sues Local Department Store For Slip And Fall Accident

June 9, 2014

Woman sues local department store for slip and fall accident

A Pennsylvania woman is suing a local branch of a chain department store in connection with injuries that she sustained on the store’s premises on May 24, 2012. The woman, a resident of Bucks County, is sueing Kohl’s Doylestown store, and she is being represented by an attorney in Philadelphia.

The injured party has filed a lawsuit against the retail corporation, the company that was responsible for cleaning the store on a contractual basis and the company that produced the substance that the woman alleges was responsible for causing her to slip and fall. According to the lawsuit, Kohl’s is accused of failing to properly maintain and inspect the premises, in addition to failing to take safety precautions to ensure that slip and fall accidents would not occur. The company that was hired to clean the store is said not to have complied with its responsibilities in properly securing the area that had recently been cleaned.

The damages requested of the three companies in the premises liability lawsuit exceed $50,000. The woman is seeking compensation on account of the fact that she suffered serious and permanent injuries. The woman suffered internal damage as well as bone and tendon injuries and injuries to her face, head, neck, back, arms and legs.

If a person suffers an injury while on another person’s property, the injured person may be able to seek damages from the owner of the premises. Individuals who have been involved in an accident that may be attributable to the failure of a person or business to properly maintain the premises may want to ask an attorney about what course of action they may take.