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Woman Awarded Over 6 Million In Dangerous Property Case

When properties in Pennsylvania are unsafe for visitors, including featuring inadequate security, this can cause a person to suffer harm, which can have lifelong physical or psychological effects. One woman in an out-of-state case said she was attacked and raped in a parking garage that was not secure. She was recently awarded over $6.6 million in the dangerous property case.

The award came after a jury determined that the former owners/managers of the parking garage were negligent in that they did not warn the woman of a rape that had happened in the same garage 12 days prior. The garage owner also did not take steps to protect the woman from being raped. The jury further cleared the garage itself of negligence.

The woman said being awarded millions of dollars helped her achieve a sense of justice following her 2009 rape. The woman said that her rape never should have happened and could have been prevented. The attorney for the former garage owners/managers said they had respect for the verdict of the jury and probably would not appeal it. The rapist ended up pleading guilty to both of the assaults that occurred in the garage.

When people in Pennsylvania are hurt because of the lack of adequate security in a parking garage, these individuals have the right to file premises liability claims against the garage owner. For example, the lack of security may either be in the form of a lack of cameras or the lack of security professionals. Financial restitution in a dangerous property case that is fought successfully may help to address pain and suffering as well as emotional distress caused by the incident.

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