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Walmart Accused Of Having Dangerous Property In Lawsuit

Slip-and-fall accidents at Pennsylvania businesses can negatively impact a person’s quality of life by causing life-changing injuries. One woman in another state recently injured herself during one of these types of accidents while shopping at a Walmart store. The woman has sued the store as a result of her fall on the store’s allegedly dangerous property.

The woman said she was at the Walmart store on a Thursday and suddenly slipped and fell on a part of the floor that was wet. As a result of the fall, she reportedly suffered injuries and pain. The woman said she also experienced the loss of a normal life in addition to accruing medical expenses.

The woman said Walmart breached its duty to maintain safe premises. She said the company allowed liquids to stand or leak on the floor. The store also did not correct a condition that was hazardous, nor did it warn the woman of the dangerous condition.

The woman in her premises liability suit is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. When companies fail to keep their properties safe for visitors to use and visitors end up injuring themselves, these companies may be held accountable through the civil court system. Financial restitution from a case that is fought successfully, based upon a showing of negligence, can be immensely helpful in covering medical costs and the loss of wages stemming from an injury related to dangerous property. It might also help to address the pain and suffering as well as emotional distress caused by this type of incident in Pennsylvania.

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