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Woman Files Premises Liability Claim Against Aeropostale

A slip-and-fall accident that initially seems minor might end up causing major health issues and financial problems for a person in Pennsylvania. One person in another state recently filed a premises liability suit following a slip-and-fall accident at a retail establishment. The individual said the establishment’s negligence caused her to fall.

According to the woman’s suit, she entered an Aeropostale store to go shopping one day. She said she was standing in an aisle located between clothing racks, and this aisle was slippery because liquid was on the floor. The woman reportedly fell and ended up injuring her wrist as a result.

She said the retail business was negligent since it allowed liquid to remain on the floor. She said the company should have also posted barricades or warning signs; she said it had failed to do so because it was short on staff that day. As a result of the alleged fall, the woman suffered anguish, pain, medical expenses and impairment.

As part of her complaint, the woman is seeking up to a total of $100,000. She is seeking compensation not only for damages but also for penalties and other expenses. When people have been hurt at a store in Pennsylvania due to the company’s failure to properly maintain the premises, these individuals have the right to file premises liability claims against the establishment. Financial restitution in a successful case may help to address medical expenses and other losses resulting from the fall and thus might help the victim more easily move on from the traumatic situation.

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