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Woman Accuses Supermarket Of Having Dangerous Property

A Pennsylvania company’s failure to take care of its property may cause a customer to suffer serious personal injury. Injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents on dangerous property, for example, can drastically alter the course of an accident victim’s life. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said she was injured at a supermarket, causing her to suffer permanent injuries. She has sued the company, alleging negligence.

The woman asserts that she was shopping at the supermarket one day. While in the store, she suddenly slipped on the floor. She reportedly fell on a slippery substance that had been left on the floor’s common walking area.

According to the lawsuit, the company should have realized that the spill was present on the floor. The woman said the store should have also known that the spill was unreasonably hazardous because it was located in an area featuring high traffic. The woman said the store negligently allowed the wet substance to accumulate and did not clean it up or warn customers about the hazard.

The woman said her fall caused her to suffer anguish and pain. She also suffered injuries to her legs, back and hip, and she has substantial medical bills as a result of the fall. She is seeking over $50,000 in damages. When a business does not keep its property free of hazards, it is within the rights of patrons who end up being injured on the dangerous property to seek justice through the civil court system in Pennsylvania. Monetary compensation in a successfully litigated case may not be able to undo the injuries caused by a slip-and-fall, but it may help the victim to more easily move forward from the painful event.

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