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Man Files Premises Liability Suit Against Hardees

Companies have a duty to ensure that their properties are safe for members of the public to use. If this fails to happen at a business in Pennsylvania, a person who ends up being injured on the business’s property has the right to file a premises liability suit against the establishment. In one out-of-state case, an 87-year-old man recently filed a suit against Hardee’s Restaurants after he said he was attached on the property.

The man said he was attacked by another individual in the restaurant restroom during an attempted robbery. This reportedly caused him to suffer a broken nose and injuries to his throat as well as other fractures. According to the plaintiff, the attack happened when the attacker followed him into the bathroom, put him in a chokehold and tried to snatch his wallet. The person believed to have attacked the plaintiff is now incarcerated.

The man who was reportedly attacked said that Hardee’s did not provide a secure and safe environment for customers. In addition, he said that the company did not establish solid security guidelines for owners of Hardee’s franchises. He alleged premises liability and negligence in his suit, and he is seeking over $50,000 along with attorney fees and costs.

If companies in Pennsylvania fail to keep their properties safe, they may be held liable for injuries that result. An understanding of the facts that need to be proved in a premises liability case is necessary in order to prevail in civil court. A judge will not adjudicate claims for damages unless liability has been established in a manner that pleases the court. A monetary award, based upon a showing of negligence, might help the injured party cover medical costs and other losses tied to the injury-causing incident.

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