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Woman Files Premises Liability Suit Against Golds Gym

Being injured on the premises of a business in Pennsylvania can unfortunately affect one’s ability to lead a normal life long-term. One woman in a different state recently said she was injured at a Gold’s Gym due to the company’s negligence. She has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the company.

The woman said she was near an exercise pool at the Gold’s Gym and ended up falling into it. She said the incident happened when she lost her footing on a black surface that resembled glass at the edge of the pool. She said the slip-and-fall accident caused her to permanently damage her left ankle.

The woman accused the gym of not providing a secure way to enter the pool as well as not posting enough notice of the tile surface’s hazardous nature. She said the company also did not properly maintain the gym facility. However, the gym has denied liability with regard to the alleged slip-and-fall accident and has removed the suit to federal court. According to the gym, the plaintiff negligently failed to go into the pool safely when she was aware that water was present around and in the pool. The gym said the woman should have properly kept a lookout for water lying on the tile and said that her claims were prohibited by a release she signed for her gym membership.

As part of her suit, the woman is seeking $50,000. When a person is injured on a company’s property because the property was not properly cared for, this individual has the right to file a premises liability suit in Pennsylvania. A financial award in a victoriously fought suit may help the victim to cover any medical treatment required as a result of the injury.

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