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Man Files Premises Liability Suit After Reported Injury At House

Sometimes a visit to someone else’s home in Pennsylvania results in injuries to an individual if the home was not properly maintained. This is the situation that one man said he recently faced in another state, while he was viewing a home he was interested in purchasing. The man, who allegedly suffered injuries on the residential property, is now suing the homeowner, real estate agents and real estate companies, alleging premises liability.

The man said he was visiting the property, which was listed for sale. However, the home’s back porch reportedly had damaged flooring, along with loose railings and loose latticework. The man said, when he attempted to utilize the porch railing, the railing ended up breaking.

The plaintiff said he fell as a result of the breaking rail and suffered injuries to the knees, hands and other parts of his body. The man said he also had to undergo knee surgery. The man claimed that the defendants were responsible for inspecting the home’s premises to make sure that it was safe enough to list and show, but they failed to do so.

The man claimed that the incident resulted in the loss of normality for him, as well as pain and suffering. He said he also accumulated medical expenses as a result of the ordeal. As part of his premises liability lawsuit, he is seeking a total of more than $800,000. Any homeowner or business owner in Pennsylvania who has failed to appropriately maintain his or her property may be held financially responsible for any injuries that occur on the property as a result.

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