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Dangerous Property Can Lead To Slip And Fall Accident

When entering another person’s property in Pennsylvania, sometimes people end up slipping and falling due to a hazard at the premises. This type of incident can quickly lead to physically painful and financially costly injuries. In this case, the owner of the allegedly dangerous property may be held financially responsible for the injuries resulting from such a slip-and-fall accident.

People invited onto a business property can include customers or even job applicants. Business property owners are responsible for making sure that these invitees are safe from any dangers present on the property. Based on this standard, the property owner must not only repair any known dangers but also look for such dangers in areas to which invitees may have access.

It may be deemed reasonable for the owner of a business to complete regular inspections of the property and clean the property’s stairwells, for example. On the contrary, it would likely not be considered reasonable, from a legal standpoint, to expect the company owner to watch the premises all day to ensure that nothing is broken or spilled in his or her stairwells. If a case involving premises liability ends up going to trial, the jury must determine what is considered to be reasonable according to the circumstances.

People in Pennsylvania who are injured in slip-and-fall accidents on another individual’s business property may face hefty medical bills in addition to having to take time off from work to heal. This can have an adverse effect on their household finances. A victim of dangerous property has the right to file a premises liability suit against the allegedly at-fault business owner, seeking monetary damages that — if awarded — may help the person to address his or her losses linked to the incident.

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