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Group To Curb Motorcycle Accidents With Statistics

When the Pennsylvania climate allows, motorcycle riding is a popular mode of transportation. Some ride motorcycles primarily as a way to get from one place to another. For others, it is a recreational vehicle used to take long rides throughout the state. Whatever the purpose behind motorcycle use, it is always possible that the vehicle could be involved in one of the many motorcycle accidents that plague our region on a yearly basis. This is particularly relevant in the Pittsburgh area as Allegheny County boasts the highest number of registered motorcycles and motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania.

While any motor vehicle crash has the potential to result in serious injuries or death, the odds of that occurring when a motorcycle is involved are even greater. This is due to several reasons, such as the lack of protection the rider of a motorcycle has when a crash occurs.

Recently, in an effort to reduce the number of fatalities due to motorcycle accidents, the Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Safety Council has begun promoting motorcycle safety awareness. Members of the group will man booths located on the North Shore. There they will provide safety tips and accident statistics to individuals who are attending Pirates games in the month of May.

The following statistics regarding motorcycle accidents in 2014 was likely shared at the booths. A total of nine individuals died in the state of Pennsylvania due to motorcycle accidents in March alone. Motorcyclists involved in crashes accounted for 55 injuries characterized as “major” in March. Speed was a factor in 67 motorcycle accidents in March. And alcohol played a role in 35 motorcycle accidents in March and February.

As compared to the previous year, motorcycle crashes were up in 2014. The near-400 motorcycle accidents total was seventy more than 2013 and the highest number recorded in over five years. Hopefully the safety tips provided by the group will have an impact on the number of accidents that occur in 2015. If you have questions about motorcycle accidents, call Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers Goodrich

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