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Man Files Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Home Depot

Sometimes, the carelessness of business entities in Pennsylvania causes patrons to suffer serious injuries or even death. A woman in another state lost her life after reportedly being struck by a Home Depot automatic door. Her husband recently filed a premises liability suit against the home improvement store, seeking a judgment for monetary damages.

The plaintiff claims that his wife was shopping at the Home Depot one day. As she left the store, the building’s automatic door apparently ended up closing on her. The husband asserts that his wife then fell and suffered injuries. She died a few months later due to her injuries.

The man alleges the Home Depot store was negligent in that it did not post caution or warning signs near the doors. The store is also accused of not keeping its doors in working order, which caused the woman’s injuries. He seeks a jury trial and has asked for an award of special compensatory damages. The amount of compensatory damages will be determined at trial. The plaintiff also requests that interest be assessed, along with litigation costs.

When companies in Pennsylvania do not keep up their properties, it may be grounds for litigation. The injured party or the surviving loved ones of a deceased victim have the right to file a premises liability suit, which may lead to an award of damages. If achieved, the damages may help to cover medical costs and/or burial costs, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Competent proof of negligence is needed to establish liability in such a case; once that is accomplished, the court will adjudicate claims for damages.

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