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Stabbing Allegedly Caused By Taverns Over Serving A Customer

Bars in Pennsylvania may be held accountable for injuries that people suffer at the hands of other patrons who were over-served alcohol. One person in another state recently asserted that a drunk person at a bar stabbed him. He has thus filed a lawsuit against not only the man but also the establishment, alleging that it was responsible for over-serving a customer.

According to the complaint, the tavern provided or sold alcoholic liquors to a man at the establishment. Because the man was intoxicated, he reportedly attacked the plaintiff. Specifically, the man stabbed the plaintiff with a knife.

The alleged stabbing caused the victim to incur medical bills and to experience the loss of wages. The plaintiff claimed he also suffered both mental and physical pain. According to the suit, the man was so drunk that he was unable to control his actions. He also purportedly misunderstood the plaintiff’s intentions and over-reacted to the actions of the plaintiff.

As part of the lawsuit, in which the plaintiff claims that the tavern violated the Dram Shop Act and was negligent, he is seeking financial damages along with court costs. When an alcohol-serving establishment is responsible for harm done to someone as a result of its over-serving a customer, the harmed individual has the right to take legal action. An understanding of what facts must be proved may very well be imperative in order to prevail in this type of case. Liability must be established, based upon a showing of negligence, before a claim for monetary damages will be determined in a Pennsylvania civil court.

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