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Ymca Sued After Allegedly Having Dangerous Property

A quickly occurring trip-and-fall accident in Pennsylvania may unfortunately result in long-lasting or even permanent injuries. One woman in another state recently said she tripped and fell on dangerous property belonging to a YMCA branch. She has filed a lawsuit against the nonprofit organization as a result.

The woman said the incident took place one day when she was leaving a locker room and ended up tripping and falling on one step that was missing a gripper. She claimed that the YMCA was negligent in that it did not ensure that the steps could safely be used, and this caused her to fall. The woman said she suffered multiple injuries as a result of the fall.

One of the woman’s alleged fall-related injuries was a fracture in the foot area. She also said she tore her left lateral meniscus–essentially a knee joint injury–which required surgery to address. Her other reported injuries involved several herniated discs and damage to her left ankle and back. A mediation session that took place earlier in 2015 led to the offer of a settlement valued at $120,000; however, the plaintiff chose not to execute this settlement because the settlement’s release terms would bar her from being able to file a malpractice claim down the road.

The woman is currently suing the YMCA for more than $50,000 as well as lawyer fees, delay damages, cost and interest, and other appropriate relief. If a business fails to keep up its property and causes harm to an individual as a result, this business may be held liable in civil court. Liability must be established in a case involving dangerous property before monetary damage claims will be determined in Pennsylvania.

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