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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Walmart Subway

Customers in Pennsylvania expect the businesses they visit to keep their properties hazard free. When this does not happen, customers may end up suffering potentially life-altering injuries. One woman in another state recently claimed she was injured at a Subway inside a Walmart and thus has filed a premises liability suit against both entities.

According to her suit, the woman lost her footing on some liquid that had been left on the Subway restaurant’s floor. As a result, she reportedly fell and suffered injuries. The woman said both Subway and Walmart were negligent and careless since they failed to maintain a facility that was safe.

The two businesses are blamed for not cleaning up the liquid that was on the floor and not warning patrons about it. The woman said the companies should have also provided a slip-resistant floor surface or slip guards to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Furthermore, the companies are accused of not inspecting the floor or complying with federal and state regulations. As part of her premises liability lawsuit, the woman is seeking over $150,000 in damages.

Businesses in Pennsylvania are charged with exercising care and ensuring that their premises are safe enough for patrons to use. If a person is injured on the property of a business that has not kept up its premises, it is within the rights of this individual to seek to hold that business accountable through the civil court system. Damages awarded in a successfully fought premises liability suit may not be able to reverse the events that caused the victim’s injuries, but they may help the person experience a sense of justice in the ordeal.

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