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Wrongful Death Claims Possible After Recent Tragic Accident

When bus accidents happen as a result of careless bus drivers in Pennsylvania, the injuries caused to passengers and other motorists on the road tend to be severe and even fatal.  In one recent out-of-state case, a bus accident led to the deaths of multiple people and injures to many others. In this type of situation, the bus driver may potentially be held liable through wrongful death claims filed by the victims’ loved ones.

The recent out-of-state accident occurred late at night on an interstate. According to police, a bus was carrying 19 workers from one state to another on the interstate and suddenly left the roadway on the right side. The bus then hit a wall and struck a bridge.

The impact of the collision caused the roof of the bus to be torn off, and some bus passengers were thrown from the vehicle onto the roadway. Six people died in the crash, and six others suffered injuries. The driver was one of the crash’s 16 survivors. Three hauling company employees were transporting the laborers when the collision took place. It remained unclear if weather played a role in the deadly collision. The National Transportation Safety Board said it would investigate whether safety issues, such as driver fatigue, may have contributed to the wreck.

The passengers injured in the bus crash have the right to file personal injury claims against the bus driver and his or her employer, seeking damages for their pain and suffering. Meanwhile, the surviving loved ones of the deceased passengers may choose to file wrongful death claims. Proof of negligence is required to establish liability in these types of cases in Pennsylvania civil courts. Only then will the court adjudicate claims for financial damages.

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