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Dangerous Property At Deer Camp Blamed For Teens Death

When a facility’s property in Pennsylvania is dangerous and this contributes to the death of a person, that facility may be held liable. One woman in another state said her daughter recently died at a deer camp as a result of the dangerous property there. She has, therefore, filed a suit against the camp’s owners as well as multiple local residents.

According to the suit, her daughter and six other teens went to the camp to stay there overnight. The teens reportedly consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. At around 3 a.m., the girl and some of the other teens decided to ride around the area on UTVs. The plaintiff said the person driving the UTV that was carrying her daughter made a sharp turn at a fork in a road. The UTV slid and rolled, and it hit the edge of a dirt roadway; the vehicle then pitched right and ejected the girl.

The girl landed about 20 feet away and hit her head on the ground. The girl ended up dying as a result of her injuries. The woman said that the premises posed a risk of harm deemed to be unreasonable because the difference between the roadway’s grade and the terrain surrounding the roadway created a hazardous condition for automobiles. She also claimed that many of the defendants negligently provided alcohol to minors, in addition to engaging in the excessive consumption of alcohol.

In her suit, the plaintiff is seeking monetary relief of over a million dollars. This includes damages, penalties, costs, attorney fees, interest and expenses. Anybody in Pennsylvania who loses a loved one because of dangerous property conditions has the right to seek to hold the owner of that property accountable in civil court.

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