Woman Claims Landlord Kept Dangerous Property Files Suit

March 20, 2015

Woman claims landlord kept dangerous property, files suit

Renters naturally expect their places of residence to be safe. Sometimes, however, accidents are inevitable, leading a tenant in Pennsylvania to suffer major injuries. One tenant at an apartment complex in another state was recently injured in a slip-and-fall accident that she said occurred on dangerous property.

The woman said that her June 2014 fall in her apartment was caused by her landlord allowing dangerous conditions to exist in her apartment. According to her complaint, the fall caused her to incur acute injuries. The woman recently filed a lawsuit against her landlord as a result.

The woman said that her nerves suffered strain, as did her tendons, thus resulting in damage to the affected joint. She has accused her landlord of not repairing her defective apartment, as well as not preventing a dangerous condition. She also claimed that the landlord did not provide an environment that was safe, did not keep the property in a condition considered pristine, did not inspect the apartment and simply did not exercise due care.

In her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages for emotional turmoil, as well as pain and suffering. She is also pursuing damages for mental agony, support care, loss of wages, disability and the loss of the enjoyment of life. Experiencing a slip-and-fall accident can be costly both financially and emotionally. It is within the rights of any person who has suffered injuries on dangerous property that was not properly maintained by its owner to seek justice through the Pennsylvania civil court system in an attempt to hold the property owner accountable.