Tips To Prevent Car Accidents During Daytrips

March 19, 2015

Tips to prevent car accidents during daytrips

With the weather getting nicer each day, many Western Pennsylvanians will likely be making impromptu road trips to find spring catching up with the rest of the region. It’s important to remember that before you head out for a daytrip, you should have your car given a good once-over to make sure all your bells and whistles are properly working. Taking a little extra time to do have the vehicle examined by yourself or a professional can prevent car accidents from occurring.

One of the most important self-checks you can make is to check the tire pressure. While people may think that a visual inspection is sufficient, this may not provide all of the information that you need. Both over and under inflation can be problematic, leading tires to blow out. But it can easily be avoided with a tire gauge. A consultation of the car’s owner’s manual will let you know what the air pressure should be; that information can also be found on tires and, on newer vehicles, on the inside of the driver’s door.

Make sure all of your lights are working. Brake lights, headlights, and turning signals should be checked since they inform others on the road whether you are slowing down, turning, and where you are in respect to their vehicle. This will help your chances of avoid car accidents and will keep state troopers and local law enforcement from ticketing you.

Finally, it is always a good idea to keep safety supplies in your car, such as a blanket, water bottles, first-aid kit, phone charger, and an extra set of warm clothes for all occupants. It may seem overcautious now, but having these items can literally save your life should something major happen that strands you and your family.

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