What to Do If You Sustained a Concussion After a Car Accident

December 27, 2019

concussion due to a car accident Pittsburgh, PA

Brain Injuries Resulting from Pittsburgh Accidents

Victims of motor vehicle accidents can suffer from concussions because of the collision. Because a crash could cause a person’s head and body to forcefully jolt forward, the brain can smash into a section of the skull, causing a serious injury. Concussions can be sustained as a result of a car accident, slip, trip and fall accident, or even while playing sports. When an individual does sustain a concussion, he or she may fall in and out of consciousness or stay awake and suffer from headaches. The symptoms may vary depending on the situation.

When a person has a concussion, they will need to go to the hospital to receive treatment for the medical condition. Refusing to seek medical attention is never a good idea because the damage to the brain could get worse. Even if an individual is not sure if he or she has a concussion, it is still better to play it safe and schedule an appointment with a physician to talk about any symptoms they might be experiencing since getting into an accident.

Symptoms of a Concussion You Should Know About

Not all symptoms of a concussion are obvious and different people will suffer from different symptoms when something like this happens to them. For example, young children with concussions might struggle to express the way they feel to their parents or to the medical staff at a hospital. A child with a concussion might feel tired and begin acting more irritable than usual. Some children with concussions will cry on and off for lengthy periods, struggle to stay asleep, and have no interest in eating or doing much of anything.

Adults with concussions can experience some similar symptoms, such as feeling more irritable. Many people with concussions start to feel dizzy and nauseous. They may struggle to remember certain things, have difficulty sleeping at night, and become depressed.

Going to the Emergency Room

Because concussions are so serious, a trip to the emergency room is in order for anyone who has been in an accident and could have a concussion. Those with massive bruises, difficulty seeing, and sudden clumsiness should let the physicians know what is going on because these could be signs of a major problem. Something that could start off as simple as a headache could turn into a life-threatening traumatic brain injury for someone who has just been in an accident and is not receiving medical assistance.

The physician will carefully examine each patient and find out if the patient has a concussion. If so, the patient will need to follow the doctor’s orders, which may include avoiding bright lights, staying away from smartphones and electronics, and getting plenty of rest. Unfortunately, concussions can turn into long-term problems for some people. There are people who suffer from chronic headaches and seizures because of their concussions.

Attempting to Receive Compensation

If a person is in a car accident and ends up with a concussion, that person might want to attempt to receive compensation because of the injuries they sustained. The auto insurance company could approve the claim based on the extent of those brain injuries. When a person has a concussion, he or she might not be able to return to work for several weeks or months. The compensation would cover those lost wages. An attorney can help with these cases when victims are seeking compensation for all the suffering they have endured.

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