5 Dead, 60 Injured After Pile-Up on Pennsylvania Turnpike

January 8, 2020

pile-up car accident Pittsburgh, PA

Devastating Motor Vehicle Accident on PA Turnpike

The community of Mount Pleasant and the nation are collectively grieving over a recent tragedy that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A devastating domino-like car accident left dozens of individuals hospitalized and at five people fatally wounded. Among the victims is a nine-year-old child from New York.

Severe Accident Results in 5 Deaths and 60 Injuries

According to authorities, the entire series of events started near a downhill grade that occurred at a corner. A tour bus was traveling along the roadway when he couldn’t make the corner and suddenly went up a nearby embankment area. The tour bus rolled over. Oncoming traffic, which happened to be two UPS tractor-trailer vehicles, couldn’t stop in time to avoid the tour bus, so they both smashed into both the bus and each other. Dozens of cars behind the UPS trucks also failed to stop in time, and they became tangled up in a heap of vehicles. Police described the whole ordeal as ‘horrific.’

In response to the ordeal, the National Transportation Safety Board will be doing an internal investigation at the scene. They’ll be analyzing the area for about seven to ten days. Here’s what they’ll be doing to prevent another pileup:

  • Consider changing the roadway design
  • Investigate driver performance during the crash
  • Reconstructing the accident
  • Analyzing the mechanical aspects of the vehicles

As part of the investigation, the department enlisted drones to capture the accident scene from above.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Over the course of the next several days, investigators will determine which factors contributed to this fatal accident. Steps will be taken to reduce the possibility of another pile-up from happening. Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself and your family safe while traveling in 2020:

  • Do not use your cell phone while driving
  • Obey the speed limit and all traffic laws
  • Remain vigilant and reduce distractions while you’re behind the wheel
  • Don’t drive in adverse weather unless it’s necessary
  • Leave space between you and the cars in front of you so you can stop without colliding

If you do end up in an accident, then always reach out to the police right away. Then, seek out medical treatment for any injuries.

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