Top 5 Apps for Improving Safety

September 21, 2017

safety apps for your phone Pittsburgh, PA

These days, there is an app for everything, including improving your safety when you’re behind the wheel of a car.  Research typically supports the notion that driving while using a cell phone can be very dangerous.  It has been reported that you are actually 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident when reading or sending a text compared to other drivers on the road.  Yet there are still some pretty great apps out there that are actually meant to help keep you safe while driving.


DriveScribe is an Amazon application that will monitor your driving, and give you information that you can use to improve your driving abilities based on the data that gets collected.  This app will even warn you if you’re about to go above the posted speed limit.  One nice benefit is that you can earn points for your safe driving, and use those points for gift cards.


Fleetsafer is an app that’s geared towards employers that want to have their workers employ safer driving practices.  The app will put a mobile device into safe mode automatically when it detects the person is driving.  This will block access, along with silencing the different alerts and notifications that can often be a distraction while driving.

AT&T DriveMode

AT&T DriveMode is another app that will automatically silence a phone for incoming messages once you hit 15 miles per hour.  You can create a list of contacts to call hands-free.  Parents can receive a notification if the app is turned off by their teens.

Sprint Drive First

Sprint Drive First is another app offered by a mobile company to keep their customers safe while behind the wheel.  Once this app detects that you’re driving, it responds to your texts and calls to inform the person that you’re currently driving and unable to take their call.  

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