Tips for Teaching Children About School Bus Safety

September 28, 2017

school bus safety tips Pittsburgh, PA

With school about to start up again, it’s a good time to teach young kids about school bus safety or help older kids brush up on their skills. Use the time before school begins to help your kids learn how to stay safer around the school bus with these tips.

Walk With Your Kids

This summer, walk with your kids to the bus stop several times. On the way, help them pick out potential hazards and find smart ways to avoid them. Choose a spot several feet from the curb at the bus stop to be the “wait spot,” and teach kids to stay at this point—not to stand on the curb.

Practice Good School Bus Etiquette

During the first few weeks of school, wait with your kids at the bus stop so you can talk about good etiquette. Topics for discussion might include: waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop, never walking behind a bus, and waiting to get on the bus one at a time. If your child has to cross the street in front of the bus, teach them to walk ahead of the bus, then watch the bus driver until he or she indicates that it is safe for the child to cross.

Walk More Safely in Bus Zones

Summer is a great time to practice walking safely in all areas, with rules like looking several times for traffic before crossing the street, always using crosswalks and signals when available, and looking and listening without distractions before trying to cross. In bus zones, remind kids never to cross between parked cars and to make eye contact with the driver before they cross to ensure the driver sees them.

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