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Property Owners May Be Liable For Negligent Security

When you think about dangerous conditions on properties, you often think of situations like icy walkways, slippery floors or improperly maintained swimming pools. While these are certainly causes for concern, and in some cases legal action, there are other conditions that can put people in harm’s way if property owners do not address them appropriately.

One such hazard is negligent security. You may not realize it, but property owners are expected to take certain precautions when they have properties that are considered dangerous.

For example, if you are walking to your car in a shopping mall parking lot and you are attacked, there could be conditions that might have contributed to the assault. This could include poor lighting, failure to restrict access or missing or malfunctioning security cameras. 

These are elements that property owners should generally consider if a property is open to the public and there is reason to believe that such measures are necessary.

However, building this type of claim can be legally complex for a number of reasons. To begin with, property owners may argue that they did in fact take reasonable steps to protect people on the site. It may also be difficult to create a link between property conditions and the occurrence of an assault, especially considering the role of the attacker.

It is crucial to understand that just because these cases are complicated does not mean they should not be pursued. Our attorneys have represented people across Pennsylvania who have been injured on properties due to unsafe conditions including inadequate security and we can help you understand your legal options. For more information on our firm and our experience in premises liability claims, please visit our website.

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