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Premises Liability Claim Filed Against Fire Company

When a business in Pennsylvania fails to maintain its property in a safe condition, individuals who visit the property may suffer injuries that prevent them from leading normal lives, either temporarily or even permanently. One woman in another state recently said she was injured when she slipped and fell while at a fire company. She filed a premises liability suit against the company.

According to the woman’s complaint, she was at a fire company to attend a game of bingo. When she went into the restroom, however, she allegedly ended up slipping on the restroom’s wet floor. She alleges the fall caused her to suffer permanent and serious injuries and incur medical costs associated with these injuries.

The woman claims there were no signs that warned people of the slippery floor in the area where the accident took place. However, the fire company asserts that the woman’s injuries stemmed from her own negligence. The company also alleges that the woman’s injuries are not as serious as she claims them to be.

As part of her premises liability lawsuit, the woman seeks a judgment for monetary damages totaling $400,000. Both the plaintiff and the defendant are requesting a jury trial. Whenever a person is hurt in a slip-and-fall accident because of the negligence of a property owner, he or she has the right to seek justice through the legal system. Awarded damages in a successful Pennsylvania lawsuit can be used to cover health care costs, lost wages and other losses related to the accident.

Source:, “Woman seeks $400K for slip and fall at fire station”, Christopher Earley, Jan. 21, 2016

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