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Pennsylvania Woman Files Lawsuit After Slip And Fall Accident

Two years ago, a woman was visiting a resident in a Pennsylvania nursing home when she suffered a slip-and-fall accident on the premises. In February of this year, she filed a liability lawsuit for numerous injuries she reportedly suffered in the fall.

The slip-and-fall accident occurred on the premises of the Wallingford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Reports indicate that the victim, a resident of Aston, was leaving the premises when she fell in a vestibule area. Her lawsuit claims that the vestibule’s dangerous floor conditions caused her to fall. These dangerous conditions include the accumulation of water and the presence of a rug or floor mat placed in a negligent position.

As a result of this slip-and-fall accident, the victim alleges that she suffered multiple injuries such as a fracture in her right leg, injuries to the cervical spine, soft tissue edema, right shoulder injuries, scarring and/or disfigurement, pain, suffering and anguish.

The victim is seeking damages totaling more than $50,000 on multiple counts of negligence. Additionally, she is seeking recompense for attorney’s fees, delay damages, out-of-pocket costs and interest. The lawsuit targets several entities including the Wallingford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Health Care and Retirement Corporation of America and Manor Care of America, Inc.

To many, it is particularly distressing to hear about slip-and-fall accidents that occur on the premises of a health care facility. These places are supposed to be the epitome of safety, but this report shows that accidents can occur anywhere.

This victim sets a good example for injured parties by choosing to exercise her right to seek a satisfactory legal remedy. Like her, those injured in a slip-and-fall should consider getting an opinion about the case from an injury lawyer.

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