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A Reminder That Fires Or Explosions Still Take Pennsylvania Lives

If history has taught Pittsburgh residents one important lesson, it is not to underestimate the danger of fires or explosions. It was a hard-won lesson, but it still resonates in all of our minds. Two major historical events served to teach us this lesson: the Great Fire of 1845 and the Equitable Gas explosion of 1927.

The Great Fire consumed everything for a mile and a quarter and took two lives. The Equitable explosion unfortunately claimed 28 lives and left between 500 and 600 people injured. Many things have changed since these two disasters occurred, resulting in a reduced risk of fires or explosions. However, we must never forget that these dangers still exist.

Pennsylvania is home to a great deal of industry, which has provided many of our citizens with gainful employment and ample income. However, these industries are not without risk as victims of industry-related fires and explosions know.

Fires can occur in residential areas and commercial areas as well, often without enough warning to escape. Those who suffer injuries from fires or explosions typically face a long and difficult recovery accompanied by extremely expensive medical bills.

Sometimes fires, explosions and other disasters are purely accidental. Other times, an exhaustive investigation can reveal negligence that caused or contributed to a disaster. In these situations, injured victims can often seek compensation, which can cover medical treatment costs, lost wages and other injury-related expenses.

Hopefully, we will all remember the tough lessons that Pittsburgh’s history has taught. We can teach ourselves other lessons as well, such as what can be done in the legal arena to help make victims as whole as possible after a serious injury. Please see our website for accurate information about premises liability and other legal solutions.

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