Man Wins 15 Million In Personal Injury Case

July 21, 2014

Man wins $15 million in personal injury case

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the case of a 45-year-old man who won $15 million in a lawsuit that his family filed against the Los Angeles Dodgers and their former owner, Frank McCourt. The lawsuit was filed after the San Francisco Giants fan was attacked and severely injured at Dodger Stadium. While the July 9 verdict absolved McCourt of personal liability, the jury deemed the Dodgers negligent in a split decision. While the jury awarded the man $18 million overall, some of the blame was assigned to the man’s attackers.

The attackers will not be required to pay the remaining $3 million because they were not sued. According to reports, the amount is about half of what the man’s parents were seeking in damages. His mother said in a statement that she is happy with the verdict and plans to make it work for her son’s benefit. The jury determined the amount based on potential lost earnings, medical bills paid, and additional money for pain and suffering.

Experts said at the trial that the man will never work again due to brain damage and will need constant care. It was also revealed that he suffers from strokes and seizures. While the Dodgers lawyers attempted to put the blame on the injured man for events that led up to the beating, the jury did not find him partially responsible.

A property owner has the legal obligation to ensure the safety of anyone on the premises. Anyone who suffers injuries on another person’s property, whether a personal residence or a public place such as a baseball stadium, may wish to pursue legal action against the property owner. It may be worthwhile for an injured person to hire a personal injury lawyer who understands premises liability and could help negotiate a settlement or win compensation at trial.