Boy Breaks Leg At Apartment Complex

July 24, 2014

Boy breaks leg at apartment complex

In a recent case in Pennsylvania, a boy who was visiting his uncle fell and suffered a serious injury after tripping on a sidewalk in an apartment complex. The boy, who is from New York, broke his femur while in town for a family barbecue on July 4, 2009. He was eight years old at the time of the accident, and he allegedly suffered permanent damage and accrued many medical bills.

The boy’s father filed a lawsuit against the apartment complex. The suit asserts that the boy has suffered a deformity in his left thigh as a result of the injury and that he cannot walk normally or perform day-to-day tasks in cold weather. Reports suggest that ongoing doctor appointments and pain medication have been necessary to manage the injury.

Though the details regarding the monetary value of damages sought was available, the father of the boy has said he is seeking damages to help offset the high cost of his medical bills. The suit alleges that the complex did not maintain a safe environment and that its landscaping company made the environment more unsafe by failing to remove tree branches that were on the ground.

In cases where a person is injured due to negligence on the part of a property owner, the injured person or his or her family may face a number of economic damages. Certain costs, such as medical bills may prove to be very difficult to pay, even if the family has health insurance. When this happens, it can be helpful for the family to talk to a lawyer who has experience dealing with cases involving dangerous property. That lawyer may be able to discuss the possibility of pursuing a settlement with the at-fault party.