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Man Claims Dangerous Property At Walmart Caused His Injuries

A quick visit to a retail establishment in Pennsylvania may end up costing a person more than he or she ever imagined if the property has not been properly maintained. A poorly maintained property can easily cause a person to trip and fall, thus resulting in serious injuries. One man in another state said he was recently hurt on dangerous property while shopping at a Walmart store and has filed a civil claim against the retail giant.

The man said he was shopping at a store in a neighboring state when the accident occurred. His claims states that he slipped and ended up falling in an aisle after encountering some boxes on the store’s floor. The man said the store failed to keep its floor and aisles free of objects and clear of obstacles.

According to the man’s complaint, the store also did not appropriately post signs warning about the boxes, nor did it establish barriers for guiding traffic around the boxes. The man said the store did not maintain its premises in a safe condition. The incident reportedly caused the man to suffer physical injuries, which included sprains of the back and knee, as well as general discomfort and headache.

The man said he also incurred medical bills and has had to endure pain and suffering, inconvenience, distress, anguish and embarrassment. He further claimed that the slip-and-fall accident made him less able to enjoy his life. When a person in Pennsylvania has been injured on someone else’s dangerous property, he or she has the right to pursue compensatory damages, which — if awarded — may help the victim to cover his or her losses related to the incident.

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