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Dangerous Property With Faulty Elevator Leads To Liability Claim

It is commonly expected that property owners who open their doors to the public will ensure the proper maintenance of their premises. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and thousands of people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere suffer injuries in accidents caused by dangerous property every year. Many such accidents are serious, and obtaining compensation for related expenses is easier said than done.

A couple from another state has chosen to pursue compensation after the wife claims to have suffered severe injuries on the premises of a restaurant last year. A premises liability claim was recently filed against the restaurant group, claiming its negligence in maintaining a safe environment. The complaint states that the wife fell and suffered injuries due to an elevator that was defective.

The plaintiffs allege that the property owner failed to recognize the potential danger of the faulty elevator and failed to carry out inspections that would have revealed the potential hazard. Furthermore, it is alleged that the restaurant group allowed an obvious hazard to risk the safety of the plaintiffs and others. Due to the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff is now seeking damages totaling $75,000 for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and functionality. The husband claims loss of services, aid and consortium brought about by his wife’s injuries.

Proving liability after suffering an injury on the premises of another party may need the support and guidance of an experienced premises liability attorney. Understanding one’s rights and available options can be confusing, as property owners and their insurers may try to deny liability, alleging the plaintiff’s negligence. With the support of a Pennsylvania lawyer and his or her resources, each client will be guided through the navigation of the complex legalities of bringing a lawsuit after suffering injuries on dangerous property.

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