Low Damage Car Accidents Can Still Result In Serious Injuries

March 31, 2015

Low damage car accidents can still result in serious injuries

Minor injuries suffered in car accidents where the vehicle you were in receives only minor damages may result in an extended period of time for getting the insurance company to pay for your medical bills and property damage. Studies show that insurance companies in these cases make an effort to show that even the minor injuries you say you sustained were not possible due to the small amount of damage done to the vehicle. This is a problem people go through every day that usually leads to some type of middle-ground between you and your insurance company.

However, when a small amount of damage is done to your vehicle, but you sustain major injuries like stress fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), or soft tissue damage in your neck and spine, insurance companies will stop at nothing to get out of paying for your extensive medical bills – even if none of the accident is proven to be your fault.

There have been several studies and investigations into minor impact, major injury crashes. Such accident show little damage to the outside of the vehicle and even to the appearance of the person injured, but it is the damages you can’t see which often prove most costly to a person’s health. And experts have found that since the mid-90s, most major automobile insurance companies like GEICO, Allstate, State Farm, and Progressive have taken a stance against people who they insure who have experienced these types of accidents. Their “take it or leave it” approach has left a terrible taste in many peoples’ mouths and a giant hole in their savings accounts.

One such study from the University of Nevada concluded that because of these insurance companies’ defunct practices, their profits have hit record highs, totaling in the billions, while injured peoples’ payouts have been some of the lowest we’ve ever seen when taking into regard inflation on things such as cost of living expenses, medical expenses, and rehabilitation expenses. The University of Nevada found that policyholders get hurt by being dragged through arbitrary court hearings on what the insurance companies are calling “fender-bender claims,” but what are actual legitimate scenarios where people have suffered debilitating injuries.

If you’ve never heard of these deplorable practices until now, it’s not because you’re naïve. But, instead, it’s because insurance companies would rather you didn’t know that regardless of the severity of your injury, if your vehicle does not endure heavy damage, they will fight tooth and nail to attempt to disprove your claims. And after the review of thousands of insurance company documents, court records, interviews with the insured, former insurance company employees, and accident victims, one thing remains the same: if you don’t think that what you’re being offered is fair enough, then you either deal with it or go to court. For too long, most people have dealt with it, but it extremely important to realize that you have other reliable options.

Hiring an experienced insurance claim attorney may be the best thing you can through this entire tumultuous time in your life. These aren’t lawyers who spend their days in corporate attorney think tanks coming up with another way to disprove the common man’s claims, but real people just like you who care about the well-being of their clients and want to help you achieve the best possible results in as little time as possible. Call the Pittsburgh car accident lawyers at Goodrich & Geist, P.C. today for a free consultation at 800-806-2456.