Dangerous Property Reportedly Causes Womans Slip And Fall

March 26, 2015

Dangerous property reportedly causes woman’s slip and fall

A person in Pennsylvania can easily be seriously injured on someone else’s property simply because the property is not properly maintained. This is the situation that one person in another state is facing after claiming that she slipped and fell in her apartment. She is now suing the complex’s owner, claiming that a leaky air conditioner caused the apartment to become dangerous property.

The woman said she was inside her apartment and ended up slipping and falling because fluid was leaking from her air conditioning unit. She said the person she is suing owns and is supposed to maintain the property, and this individual knew about the air conditioner leak problem. She said her fall has caused her to have serious injuries in the area of her head, back and neck.

The woman said the apartment complex owner was negligent in not properly inspecting and maintaining the area. She further said the owner did not appropriately warn her about the dangerous condition. She is seeking damages for the loss of earning ability, medical expenses, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.

Injuries stemming from dangerous property in Pennsylvania can prevent a person from being able to work, in addition to leading to hefty medical bills. It is within the rights of any person who suffers injuries from a slip-and-fall accident to seek to hold accountable the allegedly careless property owner. Although monetary compensation may not undo the damages done by such an incident, it may help provide peace of mind during the recovery process.