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Injury Or Death On Property May Spark Premises Liability Claim

Business owners in Pennsylvania are expected to make their properties safe for their visitors. Likewise, businesses that make their spaces available for the public to use have a duty to inspect their properties for hazards. However, sometimes companies fail in this regard, and customers become seriously injured or die as a result. In such a case, filing a premises liability lawsuit against the allegedly at-fault company is often warranted.

Each year, over a million people in America suffer injuries in falls, slips and trips that are preventable. Sadly, over 17,000 end up dying after these types of accidents. To make matters worse, many owners of properties deny having any responsibility in these injuries or deaths, instead shifting all blame to the accident victims.

An attorney can help to prove liability when dangerous property conditions are the cause of a person’s injuries or death. It is essential to choose attorneys, as well as experts, who are trained in the areas of building codes, design and engineering. Attorneys can work with specialists who are adept at investigating, as well as analyzing and then proving premises liability.

Dangerous properties that can cause major injuries or death include unsafe parking lots, surfaces covered with ice and snow, and public establishments, such as restaurants and grocery stores. In a premises liability case, liability must be established to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing the case. Only then will claims for monetary damages to be adjudicated. Financial restitution in a successfully fought case cannot undo the events leading to a person’s injury or restore the life of a loved one who died as a result of hazardous property conditions. However, monetary damages may help to provide closure in these types of tragic cases in Pennsylvania.

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