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Premises Liability Suit Filed Against Bar Owner 2 Patrons

When bars and other alcohol-serving establishments in Pennsylvania over serve patrons and the patrons end up harming others, the establishments could face claims for monetary damages for any resulting injuries. In one out-of-state case, a woman has filed a premises liability lawsuit against one bar owner after she asserted that the bar caused two patrons to become intoxicated. She alleges that these two patrons then got into an altercation and caused her injuries. She has also filed a suit against the two men reportedly involved in the altercation.

According to her complaint, the woman was at the bar when the two men got into a fight. The fight occurred after they became while consuming alcohol at the bar. During the scuffle, one man crashed into the woman and shoved her into the other man. The other man then allegedly shoved the woman and caused her to plummet to the floor and hit her head.

The woman claimed that she suffered pain and serious injuries as a result of the fall. She further alleged that the incident has caused her to become permanently injured as well as disabled for the rest of her life. The incident has also reportedly resulted in surgical expenses and medical bills, and she has not been able to work and has lost her ability to earn a living.

As part of her premises liability lawsuit, where she claims that the defendants violated the Dram Shop Act, the woman is seeking over $50,000 each from the two men, along with court costs. She is also seeking a judgment against the bar owner. Anyone who is hurt due to another party’s failure to adhere to dram shop laws has the right to seek to hold that party accountable through the civil court system in Pennsylvania.

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