Hotel Sued In Premises Liability Case

July 3, 2014

Hotel sued in premises liability case

A woman who claims that she slipped and fell at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City is suing for more than $50,000 for medical bills and other damages. Her suit, filed in Pennsylvania, alleges that the owner of the building failed to warn guests about a water leak that created a wet floor and failed to inspect the premises or correct the situation.

The lawsuit was removed from the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on June 24. As a result of her injuries, the plaintiff claims that she had trouble attending to customary duties and that she suffered complications for the rest of her pregnancy as well as during the delivery of her child. The woman was reportedly several months pregnant at the time of the accident.

Whoever owns a building is responsible for making sure that it is safe at all times. Whether the building is used for commercial reasons or is a residential property, anyone who is injured on that potentially dangerous property could take legal action to recoup costs related to medical expenses as well as other compensation. The owner may be responsible for others on their property even if that person is not authorized to be on the property.

Anyone who has been hurt due to a slip and fall or any other type of accident while on commercial or residential property may wish to contact a personal injury attorney about the case. An attorney may be able to assist an individual who has suffered an injury and has incurred medical expenses due to the possible negligence of a property owner.