Dangerous Property In Winter Weather May Lead To Injuries

January 27, 2015

Dangerous property in winter weather may lead to injuries

Going outside in Pennsylvania can be hazardous during winter weather, with icy sidewalks and other areas of private property potentially posing a slip-and-fall hazard. If a person ends up falling on dangerous property, an accident resulting in serious injuries could prevent the victim from working or otherwise functioning normally for a time. In this situation, the owner of the home or business property may face claims for financial liability.

The Northeastern United States recently experienced a flash freeze. This resulted in dangerous tumbles for many. Falls due to ice can result in injuries such as twisted knees, broken ankles and brain damage.

Any head injury resulting from a fall on an icy surface is potentially serious and. should be cause for seeking medical attention immediately. Even if the accident victim feels fine, health issues such as a brain bleed or a concussion could still exist. Getting evaluated is particularly important for those already taking particular heart medications known to affect the blood platelets, as slow bleeding in the brain can quickly worsen in these circumstances.

The winter season is nowhere near over, so black ice remains a threat to Pennsylvania pedestrians who have to be outside in the most unpleasant weather conditions. If a slip-and-fall accident takes place on the dangerous property of a business or residence that was not cleared of ice properly, the victim has the right to file a premises liability claim against the person considered responsible for maintaining the property. A successful outcome may result in a financial award that might help the victim to pay for medical expenses and other financial losses resulting from an accident.