Car Accidents And Back Seat Seatbelts

January 26, 2015

Car accidents and back seat seatbelts

Most drivers know the life-saving benefits of buckling up and 83% do so whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The percentage of those that use a seatbelt while riding in the backseat of a car, however, is far lower. During car accidents, individuals within a motor vehicle that are not restrained can injure themselves and others within the vehicle. In an effort to combat this problem, safety advocates are calling for backseat seat belt reminder technology to be implemented in new motor vehicles.

Motor vehicles involved in car accidents with passengers who are not properly restrained are 40% more likely to result in at least one fatality. Statistics like this have prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to explore how best to incorporate backseat seat belt reminders into new motor vehicles.

With only 74% of backseat passengers saying they regularly wear a seatbelt, safety advocates hope incorporating reminders will help change behavior and save lives. Seat belt reminders for front seat occupants were incorporated into motor vehicles during the 1970s. The reminders are to thank for an estimated 6% drop in driver fatality rates. It’s interesting than that similar technology for the backseat occupants of motor vehicles is still not standard.

While transportation officials are still working out details related to exactly how the technology would work, it will likely be standard in most motor vehicles within the next 2-5 years.

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