Body Found In Walmart Restroom

August 15, 2017

body found in a Walmart bathroom Pittsburgh, PA

Headlines involving Walmart are often stranger than fiction, and a recent headline certainly fits the bill here. A woman went to her local Walmart and entered their bathroom. Three days later, she was found deceased in the restroom.

The woman was observed as coming into the store on Friday around 6 in the evening on store security feeds and entered the bathroom, which was then locked. The employee attempted to open the door, but was unsuccessful in gaining entrance. The assumption by employees was that the door had been locked by someone in charge because there was something wrong with the bathroom itself. An out-of-order sign was placed on the door, and it remained locked with the deceased woman’s body inside.

On Monday afternoon, a maintenance worker opened the door and found the woman’s body inside. The body was sent to the medical examiner to work on what caused this woman to pass away inside the bathroom, but they don’t believe at this time that there was any foul play.

From a legal standpoint, this opens up a can of worms about liability that may come up once the cause of death is determined. There is the possibility that a slip or fall inside the restroom may have resulted in a head injury or that this death could have been prevented if an employee had opened the locked door in a timely fashion. Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous rooms in a home or business because wet tile and soap can cause slippery conditions.

This is certainly a tragic incident for the woman and her family for what happened, and there may not be any neglect involved on the part of Walmart as her death may have been from natural causes.

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